Preparing Material for Us

A few guidelines to assist our clients in supplying material to us. 

  • detailed instructions are essential, including design directions, preferred typefaces, corporate style guides if relevant
  • dimensions of the job and preferred page extent
  • text supplied in finalised form where possible
  • image files as large as possible (anything under 200Kb is likely to be too small)
  • image files supplied separately, not embedded in a Word document. Instead, place a tag in the text eg. <image no.7 here> and number the image filename to match
  • text files supplied clean and using styles (particularly important with long documents). If styles are not used, then make sure the heading and text hierarchies are very clear
  • If files for the project are too large to email, try or upload directly to our site (and notify us you have done so). Failing all else, snail mail to PO 72, Eltham Vic 3095