Choices for Designers

A funny/serious look at options open to modern designers — choosing between autonomy and going corporate, making an impact with something socially responsible or going for a potentially lucrative start-up, doing something you love versus trying to find something secure. Julie Zhuo shows how a host of choices and assumptions can determine one's path through the extremely dynamic design landscape.

Typography for Lawyers (and everyone else)

Matthew Butterick set out to school lawyers in presenting their printed and online material in the most readable, transparent way possible. That online campaign has morphed into a body of advice applicable to all who want their message to assisted rather than impeded by their use of type, white space and other elements of design. Butterick has even designed typefaces for use in legal and other high information content contexts. When Erik Spiekermann is on board, you know his approach and advice is solid. Highly recommended. 


Microstock Photography is a Hard Way to Make a Living

An interesting article detailing the thinking behind the very successful microstock photography service Shutterstock. Submitting artists find it surprisingly hard to get into, which is great for users (most stock art sites could do with a much higher bar to entry). The most successful photographers and artists on Shutterstock reputedly earn six figure incomes, but keeping up with the image search zeitgeist must be a somewhat stressful way to earn a living.