Colour Lovers

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Individuals really matter on the Internet. They improve open source software, edit wikipedia, help SETI find extraterrestrial signals, produce podcasts, blog, twitter, aggregate news, break news, leak official documents and more.   Blogger Glenn Reynolds calls it the 'Army of Davids' effect.

ColourLovers has generated its own passionate Army of Davids, all focussing on an area dear to many designers: colour. ColourLovers contributors add patterns and colour palettes to 'their' website in dizzying profusion. Their offerings are then rated by users and ranked according to those ratings.

The site packs in a lot of visual information without losing clarity and offers a generous resource for anyone seeking colour ideas and interesting patterns/textures. The patterns are available at high resolution and the palettes can be exported to a number of image editing packages. With a constant stream of new colours and patterns, and a certain air of competition between contributors,  the site is always fresh and interesting.

ColourLovers exemplifies the new generation of websites that are striving to meld the profit motive (the site takes advertising and sells merchandise) with a very open attitude towards anyone with relevant material to contribute.