Folders go global

dropboxThere are plenty of ways of storing files online and accessing them remotely. Some come via email services, or image sharing sites. Other users configure their own server, use space on their isp's server, or access their work server remotely. For sheer simplicity and ease of use, however, DropBox stands out.  After a very straightforward installation process (for Mac or PC) a DropBox folder appears in your drive tree (you get to choose where). The folder can be managed like any other folder on your computer: dragging files in, creating new folders, opening files and so on. The folder can be a little sluggish with larger files, which is not surprising -- it is online. The folder can be shared with others, or opened by yourself from any other location. No more mucking around with ftp or servers, or signing up with another service just to use their online storage. Storage up to 2Gb is free, with paid accounts kicking in after that.