Storm in a Coffee Cup

coffee cup software

Little programs created by small companies are often the most enjoyable. They have personality, they have attitude, and they don't feel like they were put together by a giant committee.  Coffee Cup Software ("We make software so you can make Websites") exemplifies this tendency. Their website is bold, simple and easy to navigate, and from my experience, of a piece with their software. I have used both their Visual Site Designer and Direct FTP client, and have found both to be easy to use, stable and surprisingly powerful. I write this from the perspective of a web neophyte, not a programmer.  Site Designer, FTP client and other programs offered by Coffee Cup come with long term support, forums and resources and are reasonably priced. Visual Site Designer was US$49 at the time of posting. For those who want a taste before buying the whole cup of coffee, many of their fully featured programs are also available as free stripped down versions.