Mac Voices

Apple Mac users might only make up a small percentage of computer users, but they are a vocal minority. There are websites entirely devoted to guessing at the next device out of Cupertino, others that aim to ease the transition to Macland for lapsed PC users and others that chronicle the far reaches of Mac culture. New users will never lack for tips, tricks and a vast range of resources. Mac-oriented Podcast listeners have access to audio offerings ranging from besotted to the slightly skeptical. Apple Keynotes: The High Church of Apple Love, when Prophet Steve comes down from the Silicon Mount and offers up the next device. Cleverly staged, emotional and deeply weird for the non-Mac listener. Unfortunately, Mr Jobs is ill and while competent, replacement speakers lack his proselytising charm. Apple Quick Tips: shiny young Mac Evangelists present very short and reasonably useful basic tips on aspects of Mac Use, invariably ending their spiel with a chirpy and slightly irritating 'Wanna Learn More?' Mac Tips Daily: Presented with enthusiasm and not completely polished, but ranging further and going deeper than Apple Quick Tips. Mac Cast: Intelligent, amiable and engaging, Mac Cast is a sprawling podcast that packs in Mac news, gossip, new releases and some excellent and informative interviews. The presenter (Adam Christianson) really does his research, and manages to preserve an air of independence and constructive criticism.
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