A Taxonomy of Rapper Names

If you like your information visual, Pop Chart Lab merits closer examination. Their graphic designer takes light-hearted topics (rapper names, Hollywood haircuts, baseball, beer varieties and more) and turns them into gorgeous schematic diagrams.

"Pop Chart Lab was founded in August 2010 by a book editor and a graphic designer who joined forces with one modest goal in mind: to render all of human experience in chart form."  

Each poster has been meticulously researched and stands as an aesthetic tour de force as well as a conduit for some rather bizarre information.

Poster Calling for Young Writers

Our client requested a bold and attention-grabbing poster to attract entrants to their short story writing competition. The design needed to echo design elements used in an earlier anthology of short story winners (also designed by Chameleon). We used the flowing, high contrast Mrs Sheppards (designed by Alejandro Paul) in conjunction with the clean lines of Museo Sans. With a big block of solid colour and the sharp page turn curves at the base of the poster, we gave the poster enough muscle to communicate effectively.