Lorem Ipsum Hipster Zombie Brains

Designers are used to waiting for information. Blank spaces in layouts sometimes need to be filled with something, anything. Often they use Lorum Ipsum — pig Latin gibberish designed to simulate actual prose. Meet the Ipsums is a fresh take on Ipsum generation, with flavours including Zombie, Pommie, Gansta and Pirate. My favourite is Hipster:

Selvage Schlitz Brooklyn Williamsburg gastropub McSweeney's put a bird on it, forage ethnic iPhone. Cray american apparel shabby chic, cardigan before they sold out Carles disrupt thundercats bespoke DIY iPhone. 8-bit four loko Wes Anderson

So if a designer wants to put a smile on their client's face, or at least a look of complete bemusement, Meet the Ipsums might be their thing.

Pretty Annual Reports Pay

In times of economic austerity, corporations are wont to produce spartan annual reports, symbolising their determination to live within their means. Recent research shows this might be a counterproductive approach. Even strictly numbers-oriented investment analysts are heavily influenced by well designed company material. The prettier the reports, the more likely analysts are to give a company a 'buy' rating. The takeaway line is that “People are not aware of the effect of aesthetics on their financial decisions.”