By Luke Harris

Beth Ormonde is afraid of the dark. In particular, the darkness beneath her house, where  an ancient, disembodied voice is infiltrating her dreams and attempting to control her life. 
She resists, but the tug of the voice is strong. Soon she fears for the safety of her family and friends. What will happen when the creature fully awakens? 
The strands of Beth's life begin to fray and come apart. She must find allies in her struggle, to decide who can be trusted and who is likely to betray her.

A recent reviewer said:
"Beth's experiences are palpable, her day-to-day problems relate-able. The thing she finds beneath her house balances between wonder and menace, at times leaving me worried there might not be such a happy ending--but you'll have to find out for yourself ;) . A good story for teens and YA, perhaps a lighter--though enjoyable--story for adults. The author does a solid job of moving the story along and creates a faithful Australian suburban environment without overdoing it (as some are prone to). Well worth the cost of admission."

Another reader feedback:
"I thoroughly enjoyed it ; ) Read it over two days. The anticipation in waiting for the dragon to emerge kept my attention and anticipation till the very end. Your characters and the family interactions were very believable and current. The dragons explosion from the hillside was impressive, and I loved the ending, the different responses from Beth and her Uncle Henry seeing the Dragon. It was satisfying and humorous."

And another:
"Enjoyed it very much, love the writing, love the indigenous references, great story. Very clever use of a female protagonist yet still very appealing to male reader."