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You have written a great manuscript. Now you want to turn it into a beautiful book, a work that draws the attention of readers because what you have to say is important.


You decide against DIY book production. You do not want a cover or interior layout design that shouts amateurism and self-publishing, and text peppered with grammatical errors.

You quickly learn that outsourcing is the accepted strategy for much of book publishing today. So you decide this is the route for you, too.
More research reveals that outsourcing the different production services required is a time-consuming and worrying business.

There is so much to arrange: editing and proofreading, artwork for the cover, a design for the cover, the interior layout, an index, a back cover, an ISBN number, a bar code, the printing...

Then there is the brave new world of ebook publishing. If you want to turn your baby into a digital book, you need to make sense of all the different formats on offer, and which formats — yes, formats plural – are best for you. Next, you must find formatters to do the conversion crunching.

What about the all-important post-production stuff? We’re talking marketing and distribution, of course. Can you make yourself an instant expert in these?

And so you come to another realisation. If you try to tackle all this on your own, you are likely to waste your money and be disappointed by the result.

“I really appreciate all that you have done. You are remarkable and am happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for services such as yours.”
— Christopher Creek, author of "A Rich Vein"

Enter WorkingType

We can do it all.
WorkingType creates highly professional, attractive and saleable book design (you will find supporting evidence for this claim on our portfolio page). However, we offer much more than a book cover design service.
We are a book management service. To emphasise the point, we are a one-stop, book-to-print shop. We are also a one-stop ebook publishing shop.

Read what our customers say about us…

We can help you with:

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Indexing
  • Layout and typesetting
  • Cover design
  • Printing (offset, digital and print-on-demand)
  • Ebook conversion and promotion
  • Promotional strategies and branding
  • Distribution
The final viscomm textbook looks really really nice. The manager here even said it’s one of the best looking books we’ve done. Thanks again for your impressive work.
— Mark Cleary, Editor, Cambridge University Press
The Author and I absolutely love the first cover thought it wasn’t any easy choice. If this could be it please. It really makes you feel good just by looking at it!
— Michelle Anderson, Michelle Anderson Publishing

WorkingType will work with you to create a book that makes you proud.

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