Depicting Hope

Our client's book dealt with her long and ultimately successful struggle with an eating disorder, and she wanted the cover design to reflect a sense of optimism and potential change. We used a contemplative photograph and a fairly quiet type arrangement, with colours pulled from the underlying image. The author commented that "the great cover that you designed for my memoir ebook version receives lots of praise. The image you have created portrays the essence of looking ahead, remaining hopeful, and visualising new horizons. Also, I greatly appreciate your creativity in incorporating a picture of my favourite walking place, on the Bellarine Peninsula, into the cover design. Best wishes, June."
See also the author's website here.

What to Pay an Illustrator

Imagining a world where illustrators are paid fairly for their work, this page sets out suggested rates for various tasks and situations. In an increasingly borderless design world competing with much lower wage regions, those kind of rates may be difficult for many illustrators to achieve. The site hosting this page is a time portal back to the earliest days of eye-wateringly bad web design.

Design Solves Problems

A designer muses on aspects of design theory and practice while travelling around Europe visiting top designers. A very pretty website and perhaps a little hipster-smug:

2517 miles, 15 beds, 12 interviews, 10 cities, 38 cups of coffee, 1 adventure. I'm on an adventure — to explore the limits of design's ability to solve social problems, big and small. To do this I attempted to solve 50 problems in 50 days using design. I also spent time with 12 of Europe's top design firms.

Marlborough Blues

Carl Hancock has written a moving tale of a boy sent to a English boarding school and beset by cruel bullies. His intelligence and athleticism are not enough to save him from a scarifying series of experiences. We wanted to capture that feeling of hopelessness but also a strong sense of resilience. The protagonist pauses to catch his breath somewhere on the school grounds, perhaps about to run, perhaps about to stand and fight. The title is set in Requiem and Trajan Sans.

Low Cost Standing Desk

Spooked by recent reports about the dangers of sitting all day, but not enthused about standing for such long periods of time? The Varidesk might offer a good compromise — the device sits on your existing desk and can be used to easily raise your monitor and keyboard to allow standing, then back down when your legs start to rebel. It's relatively cheap and has an agent in Australia, which hopefully would keep shipping costs down.