Working Type helps authors and publishers present their work in the best possible light.

A cover should call out for attention, blurbs need to hold and deepen that interest and the page design's task is to facilitate a pleasurable and unobtrusive reading experience.

A book requires a great deal of work and thought to bring it to fruition. By engaging a book designer, a final essential step is made -- to convince a potential reader that their potential purchase is a professional production and one upon which they can rely. A book which looks self-published is a book that will be judged by its cover and approached warily, if at all.

See here and here for samples of our book design work.

We specialise in book design of all kinds. We have designed and typeset more than 500 books in the last ten years, covering a wide variety of subject matters and in many different formats. Our workflow is simple and we pay careful attention to client instructions. A book is only finalised when the author is satisfied with all aspects of the design, typesetting and content.

 Ebook conversion

Working Type also offers conversions of print book files into ebook format -- either epub or Kindle. Not all of the design and typeface features of a print book will survive conversion into the various ebook formats, but the content will, along with a table of contents and the original cover design inserted as an image into the ebook file. Contact us for our conversion rates.

Future iterations of ebook formats will no doubt allow for a much richer reading experience, with finer grained control of type, image, colour and formatting options.