Client Proofing Checklist

Note: Working Type will not proofread your piece. We will look at it carefully and point out any issues we detect, but ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of the content rests with the client. We have therefore compiled a list of items to be checked in a typical job.

Please check all of the relevant items and note that these check lists contain points that may not be applicable to your particular project.
Proof-reading is one of the  most important stages of the process of creating your document/book , ensuring a satisfactory outcome for you and for us.

In Documents

  • All approved text content is present
  • Any contact details including web addresses
  • Logos, images and other graphics
  • Image captions
  • Background imagery and text
  • Page numbering and page tab information
  • Document size and colours
  • Position of crop marks
  • Paper type

In Books

• All approved text content is present
• Title page
• Table of contents numbering and entries in table of contents match chapter headers and subheaders
• Page numbering, including page tops and bottoms (author name/book title/chapter title)
• Book size and page margins
• Imprint details, including:
• any contact details including web addresses
• copyright information
• disclaimers
• author name/s
• illustrator name/s
• photography credit/s
• date of publication
• ISBN/EAN13 numbers
• Dedication
• Thanks/acknowledgements
• Chapter graphics
• Header styles – including sub-headers
• Size and layout of any image sections
• Colour of images – CMYK or greyscale
• Type of paper required for images
• Image captions
• Index entry numbering
• Any appendices are correct and refered to correctly

Book covers

• Book title on cover and spine
• Book subtitle or quote on cover
• Author name on cover and spine
• ISBN and/or EAN13 are present and match barcode
• Blurb on back
• Graphics and underlying graphics
• Paper quality for cover  – mat/gloss