“It was my great good fortune to be able to work with Luke. Working from my brief, Luke prepared an initial cover design that was absolutely perfect. With a simple, compelling design and in vibrant, positive colours it exactly captured the sprit of my book. Luke's work on the typesetting was also of the highest order. I recommend Luke without hesitation to anyone seeking a first-rate talent to design their book.”
Donald Macrae Gordon, author of From Technocrat to Leader

“I really appreciate all that you have done, and your ability to work with this old dude . You are remarkable and am happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for services such as yours.”
Christopher Creek, author of A Rich Vein

Got to say we were all swept away with the strength of the jacket design!
Dennis Jones from Dennis Jones Distributors, re. The Gilded Crown

“Thanks for doing such a great job on the cover, everyone I have shown it to is very impressed.”
Ann Gillespie, author of Bel Endroit

I am very happy with the cover. I have a peek from time to time. Such a fine piece of work again. I feel privileged to have had you create it for the book – and me! 
Carl Hancock, author of Marlborough Blues

Thanks for the update. Dad was very pleased overall with the book and I must say...I can't wait to see the hard copy myself! It's been a pleasure to work with you and we appreciate all your time and effort in fulfilling our needs and for the great art work you've created in bringing his book to life.
Christina Stavrou, A Migrant’s Hopeful Journey

And, the new cover is great. LOVE it.
Soozey Johnstone, Author of “I am the Problem”

The first proof has come back from Griffin Press and I have to say it looks amazing. Griffin press are also very complimentary and say it’s a beautiful book.
Rhonda Allen, author of “Enjoying Food Again”

“The client loved the fatigue brochure.  Many thanks for all your help.”
Jacqueline Adeney, Fatigue Management

“Books look great, thank you.”
Col Elliott, Comedian and Author

I really appreciate your work and patience with me on final design
Gemma Cooper, of Cooking Gems

“Author thrilled with cover.”
Michelle Anderson Publishing

“Better than I imagined it would turn out - you are truly artistic...thanks.”
John Hickman, author of “Tripping Over”

We are getting plenty of press coverage in Australia and Indonesia – and I have had so many comments about the cover. People just love it! And so do I: it really does stand out on the shelves and is a superb image on so many levels.
Mark Heyward, author of “Crazy Little Heaven”

Talon cover looks INCREDIBLE!!! You have done a fantastic job, I am so pleased with it. Thank you!
Linda Lycett, Aurora House Publishing

That's freakin awesome!!! 
Sarah Ciacia, author of Daddy's at the Door

Your cover is a success. Impressive is the feedback
Linda Lycett, Aurora House Publishing

Thanks so much. I've shown a few people the cover and they really love it. And also, Reckless is getting lots of positive comments about the attractiveness and boldness of the cover
Danielle Weiler, author of Assembly of Shapes

The Author and I absolutely love the first cover thought it wasn’t any easy choice.  If this could be it please.  It really makes you feel good just by looking at it!
Michelle Anderson, Michelle Anderson Publishing

“When showing a friend the looseleafed proof copy (all I've got to show my friends and fans for my outlay so far), he was blown away by the cover and general appearance. Have also had positive comments on the font etc.”
Cleo Lynch, author of “Careering into Corrections”

Thank you for all your detailed work and advice on the text. You have both been incredibly professional and patient.
Moira McCarthy, author of ‘Paris Light’

“Congratulations on the cover design for Ends By Any Means and the back cover and spine arrangement. I agree with everything. Thanks again.”
Ian Ingleby, author of “Ends by Any Means”

“All good. Grant (the author) was thrilled. I think it has everything we need.”
Michael Foster, Publisher, Dragonfall Press

“The final viscomm textbook looks really really nice. The manager here even said it's one of the best looking books we've done, and that is in no small part due to your cover and text design, so thanks again for your impressive work and help on that.”
Mark Cleary, Editor, Cambridge University Press

Love your work!  It looks so good!  Wait till you see the video I put together to promote it!
Rhondalynn Korolak, author of “Sales Seduction”

“The pop up banners arrived today and they look fantastic.  Please find attached a picture as you requested. Really impressive work by all parties involved.”
Kim Moran, Gradient Automotive Systems

“Thank you for being so professional and doing a fabulous job with my book as always. You’re a credit to the industry.”
Kristy Berridge, author of “The Hunted” and “The Damned”

thanks very much for all your work Luke. I am very happy with the design. Looks wonderful.
Mark Heyward, author of  ‘Crazy Little Paradise’

Wow! The universal opinion here in the office is “It looks great.” Thanks for your excellent work so far.
Ben Fenwick, Gradient

I love it don't change a thing. That woman is Amanda and I love the way you have captured her exactly, how did you know?
Trish George, author of ‘Family Lies and Betrayals’

I LOVE IT, it's fabulous!!! Thank you. I love the arrows, colour, notes, flower. It's PERFECT. Many regards and thanks for brilliant design work Luke
Marla Swift, author of “Finding the Rhythm”

My folk think your cover is fabulous.
Dr. John Wright, author of “Children at War”

Just wanted to let you know I received the first 100 copies of Akilina, and they look absolutely fantastic!  Thank you so much for your work -- I have had many comments about how professional they look, and have sold my first 10 already. 
Dr Patricia Bowmer

one of the reviewers, told me he thought the layout, presentation and design were fantastic. He said if he opens a book that's hard to read, he doesn't continue. So thanks again.
Amanda Stuart, author of Finding the True Self

Thanks for all your hard work in recent days. The report looks fantastic.
You did a brilliant job. 
Victorian Parliament

Many thanks, I've had nothing but praise for the cover from the people I've shown it to. 
Christine McCaffrie, author of “In Pursuit of Happiness”

“The cover is just great. Please pass my congratulations on to the designer. It really tells a story.”
Shirley Eldridge, author of “Georgie Girl”

The cover looks fantastic - congratulations! You have my blessing to reproduce my art for both the hard cover and paper back versions. Love the use of the purple to compliment the yellow sunflowers. The design is great and sure looks appealing. 
Tracey Creighton, artist

"Incidentally, the comments on your book cover have been extremely positive and commendatory. Perhaps you should frame it and sell it off at Sotherby's. Someone even observed they would buy the book for the cover alone!!"
Ruth Carson, author of "An Unquiet State"

Books arrived and thank you for the impressive production and the care you have taken in the process. It is greatly appreciated. 
Joe Reich, author of I Know Precious Little

“Love the cover.  Colours are so vibrant  as well as aspects of
St kilda, scenic railway, the astor theatre.  Will keep seeing more each  time I look.”
Jan Gross, author of “Jam Dreaming”

“Perfect, thank you so much. I couldn't ask for more.”
Kristy Berridge, author of “The Hunted”.

I've a received one box of books for starters - they look fantastic, had some amazing response already. When the rest arrive (middle Nov) I will send you a copy if you would like one (I need to hang onto this box for book signings coming up).
I just wanted to let you know what a great job you did - the book looks and feels great. Have sold over 100 books already (includes pre-orders).
Annemarie de Serriere, author of Will to Wonder.

Fabulous, just fabulous.  All that I was hoping for.  Clear, beautiful, clean. This was exactly the sort of beautifully clean, soothing look I was hoping that someone could help me with.
Susan Bennett, author of “A Cook’s Toolkit”

Just finished with presenting your design of the Old Parliament House signage.  They were blown away - "we asked to be challenged and we have been"!
Russell Magee, Convergence Design

“Incredible!!  That is so clever and so appealing..”
Thanks so much”
Michelle Anderson

“Thank you too for your unfailingly helpful approach to the design and for your imaginative suggestions … everyone thinks             it looks great.”
Dr Brian McFarlane, author of Real and Reel

“What can I say? It is superb. Thanks for taking notice of my suggestions. Good to see them translated so well.”
Ruth Carson, author of An Unquiet State

“Your cover is receiving accolades galore...you must take several bows and be delighted with the response to what I felt was an amazing depiction of the book.  In this instance you CAN tell a book by its cover!!”
Tish Lees, Author of Lonely for My Land

“Hi Luke it looks wonderful and the extra signs on the end of the building really match the building ,so we thank you so very much for all the great work you have done,will highly recommend you.”
Deb Vallely, Reservoir Neighborhood House

“Excellent, fast and very competitive.”
Niall Kennedy, Preferred Training

Luke designed the cover for my 2008 release "Competitions - The Book", as well as providing the typesetting service. I found Luke to be extremely professional, both with use of colour and general creativity. Also, his availability is rare, I can't remember a time that he didn't answer the phone. Very happy with the results and would recommend him for similar!
-- Craig Seitam, author of “Competitions, The Book”

“Thanks for your fast, quality work and I've enjoyed working with you. Hope we will do more together.”
Keith Pigdon

Thanks again for all your work. It's been outstanding and at very reasonable prices. I appreciate it.
Shane Worrell, author of ‘Tom Climbs the Fence’

I love it!!!! The image indicates this book is about wrestling in its broader context, not just about pro wrestling & you are right about the image overlapping the text, it effectively draws the readers focus. Thank you, it is excellent.
Gavin Dickson, author of “From the Dreaming”

I just wanted to let you know that I have received excellent feedback on the cover of "The Wings of Leo Spencer" (even unsollicited!) from reviewers and other authors, so... congratulations on a great job! I'm very happy with it myself. People have said they find is striking, which is all you want about a book cover, really.
Jerome Parisse-Brassens, author of “The Wings of Leo Spencer”

“Cheers and thanks again for a wonderful job.”
Frank Benko, author of “Seven Thirty and a Wakey”

Many thanks for all your efforts in relation to Howzaaaaat!
I am very appreciative. 
Best regards,Neal Whittle

Thanks for your wonderful assistance over the past month or so. It has been greatly appreciated by this first time author. 
Matthew Hogan, author of “Eternal Search for God”

Thanks so much for making all the changes to the brochure Luke, you're such a gem!! It's absolutely perfect!
Rebecca Redfern, Monash Short Courses

I have just received the booklets from the printer and they look fantastic. People are pleased with the whole look and the size.
Helen Sartinas, City of Whittlesea

I think the covers are brilliant - thankyou very much for your prompt work.
Gabrielle Jenkins of Empower Business Solutions

I am indeed very impressed at the splendid presentation and refreshing openness of the expression you have wrought with the manuscript. 
Peter Beer, author of ‘The Philosophy of Bernard Lonergan”

“You will be pleased to know that my philosophy book, which you designed, continues to be a great hit. I use it every week with my philosophy class and your excellent design is a large part of its success.”
Rob Siedle, author of “Philosophy You Can Use”

Thank you so much Luke.  It's perfect.
Michelle Anderson Publishing Pty Ltd

The front cover looks awesome and it isn’t even laminated yet.  Absolutely unbelievable.   I am so excited – I’m beside myself. 
I am so proud, it looks so professional, vibrant and compelling.  I cannot wait for everyone to see it...  You did such a good job.  The colour on the front cover is so striking – the image is so powerful and the font really stands out.  I love it.  I think anyone who sees it would really want to pick it up and have a look.
Rhondalynn Korolak, author of “On the Shoulders of Giants”

“It [the new interpretive signage system] is very exciting, and original to Old Parliament House!”
Old Parliament House, Canberra

“I have attached some photos of the Hobsons Bay Flags flying around the City for your enjoyment...great work there.”
Rosemary Clarke, City of Hobsons Bay

I LOVE IT!!!! You have captured the whole essence of the book and, apart from the dog fence, the old Kombi is PERFECT!1  Congratulations and well done. If this doesn't sell the book, nothing will.
Alan Moore, author of “Vanishing Point”

I showed the revised cover around and everyone thinks its brilliant.
Brian McCaw, author of Dragons, Butterflies and Fools

“Your cover and layout design are such an important part of the book. Thank you for helping us on our journey to publication…the postcards you designed are now being used in clinics that have already started stocking Handle with Care. The response we are getting is that everybody loves the cover!”
Evelyn Tsitas and Caroline van der Pol, authors of Handle with Care.

the book looks great and everyone was really impressed with your work.
Again, you've been a total professional.
Thanks very much for your fantastic work on this book.
Joe Bugden, Tasmanian Writers Centre

Luke Harris 12 March 2008
Chameleon Print Design
Level 2, 119 Burgundy Street
Heidelberg, VIC 3084
Dear Luke

As we have just sent my book to Griffin Press, I thought this would be the moment to thank you for not only translating my vision into reality, but for enriching it with your superlative design and layout, and for the improvements you made to the cover design.

I simply could not be happier with the final product. It is fantastic.I gave you a pretty short timeframe in which to complete my project, and you said you
would do it. And you did. That is fantastic. You were also a delight to work with, always attentive and responsive; never distracted
or disinterested. That, too, is fantastic.

Please feel free to use me as a reference, should a prospective client need to speak with one of your “satisfied” clients. Your entire service, from beginning to end, was outstanding. Thank you!

Robert Rabbin
RealTime Speaking: YOU Are the Message!

It's brilliant. Blew me away in fact. Perfect! I cant wait to show my wife tonight when she comes home from work. You are right, it encapsulates the book perfectly. Very much worth the wait. You are a genius. Thank you.
Alexander Soltysiak, author of “Hell’s Gate 7”

“Many thanks for your wonderful work on the 2008 brochure. Once again, it has been a pleasure working with you.”
Pat O’Brien, City of Hobsons Bay

“Posters just arrived and they look great! Thanks Luke.”
Kelly Shirreff, City of Manningham

“I really like your cover. My first reaction was: "Fabulous". I like the simplicity of your design and the ideas you've used.“
David Hummerson, editor of “Holman’s Find”

“The book cover is fabulous. it captures the themes really well.  it is great as is, no changes needed.”
Cassandra Jose, author of ‘Tight in the Bud’

“The carton is absolutely superb.Thanks for your work in achieving this for us.”
Vince September, Vision Australia

“We absolutely love your work!”
ailís logan, tribus lingua

"Fabulous cover. Utterly compelling. Utterly irresistable!"
Andrea Goldsmith, author re. ‘Wasp Season’
Great job!  Thank you for putting the cover together so artistically. The colours are so "Turkish" and the lighting in the lower right corner gives a mystical air which is just what I  
wanted. The book looks great and your cover design really sets it off in a most interesting way, which will encourage readers to pick it up and check it out.

 I really appreciate the time and effort you put into producing such an eye catching result. Thanks for keeping the process moving along with the printer as well.
Ronelle Faulks, author of “Encounter”

Poster proof has just arrived and looks FANTASTIC. Great work. Our director says it is up there with the best ever!
Adele Denison, City of Port Phillip, St Kilda Film Festival

The poster looks gorgeous – the designer has done a great job this year. 
Blythe Chandler, Film Victoria
“Thanks for a terrific job! I’m very pleased.’
John Biggs, author of Project Integrens
“THANKS, it [the St Kilda Festival Brochure] looks amazing
Adele Denison
Festivals & Events Coordinator, City of Port Phillip
“I thought the catalogue came up really well - the colours work really well and it looks so fresh and inviting.”
Pauline Meaney, Vision Australia

We just got Careers in Asia in yesterday – it looks pretty swanky! Well done!
Kate Scott-Young, Hobsons Australia

Feedback on your cover work and text design has been very positive. Well done!! 
Dr David R Cole, Lecturer in literacy & English Education

“Lost for words here...what a wonderful cover for Geneieve's story.
You and Liz have done well and I am particularly proud to be the publisher.”
Kerry Collison, director of Sid Harta Publishing

“Once again you have done a great job.”
Denise Ogilvie, Walker Close Community Centre, City of Hobsons Bay

“We thank you for your much appreciated patience and skill, and for the helpful communications. It has been a pleasure talking with you Luke, and your work speaks for itself. We hope that we might do it again in the future.”
Cliff and Dawn Frith, authors of “Cape York, a Natural History”

“Once again, thank you for all your great work.”
Caterina Ligato, author of “Ghost Whisperer”

“Many thanks for all your fantastic graphics over the last 5 years”
 Paula Smith, coordinator of the “Read Around Australia” campaign

Looks fabulous and I think we've got it as good as we can. Congrats on a job really well done! 
Joe Novella, author of “The Ultimate Guide for Men”

I just wanted to thank you very much for the excellent job you did on my book, Despite Pain.  I think the cover is great and friends who have seen it comment on it. I also liked the typeset which is clean, clear and easy to read.  Thank you for working with me and your efforts to get things right.
Peta Price, author of “Despite Pain”

“I'm thrilled with the cover and back and thank you sincerely for both the design and thought gone into it.” 
“Took the cover to work to do a little market research for us. I expect I showed around thirty people and got reactions from "wows" to "sucked back breaths". Not one ounce of negativity and those I spoke to and so many more are all wanting signed copies.”
Mark Whitelaw, author of “The Tinderbox”

“Thankyou once again for doing such a terrific job. I am aware you could have charged considerably more than you did and I am most grateful you kept the price within my means.”
Alan Royle, author of “Hollywood W&A”

“I have just received your cover design for my book. It is wonderful. I don't know what I expected but it is precisely the result I was hoping for. At last, I feel like my book is going to actually happen. Thanks again for the terrific cover. You are obviously very good at your craft.”
Alan Royle, author of “Hollywood W&A”

“Brilliant! Very exciting!”
Chris McMahon, author of “The Calvanni”

“I am delighted with the cover – I think it looks most attractive.”
Ken Christian, author of “Merino Murders”

“I like it very much. It is a strong cover without being too garish which is important. Very happy with the tag line. Thank you very much.”
Rob Aalders, author of ‘A Single Rose’

“I’m so happy with the cover design. Congratulations! I think you’ve done a great job!”
Mike Bray, author of “The Paper Cutter”

“I could write pages of compliments and gratitude for that cover but I will just say that this book is very important to me and you have captured my soul and put it on the cover.”
Frank Manitta, author of “Nonno’s Violin”

“I just wanted to say I received the galley copy of the book today. Thank you for your tremendous efforts. The design and layout are beautiful.”
Sana Turnock, author of ‘Flower Power Energetics’

“Thanks for supplying easy to read, well set-up files. It’s always great to run your job and not have any hiccups.”
Sue Murphy, Excelsior Printing

“Thank you so much for the cover designs. They are absolutely wonderful. Once again you have captured exactly what we wanted.”
Susan Whelan and Meredith Flynn

“I received the galley proofs. You did a great job. Thanks.”
Bill McGeever, A Matter of Perspective

“In a word......WOW!! We were extremely impressed! The cover design looks spectacular. Colours, effect & text are perfect. It's a big thumbs up from the author and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.”
Hayley and Kerrie Payton, Nero Shadows

“Thanks very much for the wonderful job you did on my cover and the inside pages. I've been very impressed by your talent and the relaxed, friendly way you go about business. If I were to ever recommend a print designer or be in need of those services again, I would definitely look in your direction. 
Melanie Bruty, author of ‘Weathercock Black’”

“Thanks very much for the work you have done with the Environment Workshop brochure.  I have received very positive feedback from everyone.”
Aurora Aylward, Hobsons Bay Libraries

Thanks so much – I think the three brochures we have so far look fantastic – thank-you for all your work so far, I think they’re great. Kind Regards,
Hayley Hosking, Documentation Co-Ordinator, Allways Dive Expeditions

“FANTASTIC!! General agreement in sales and production on what a great job you did!”
Niki Bryant, Hobson’s Australia Good Guides, 

“You have always been most helpful.”
Charles Gardner, author of “Outback Adventures”

“Many thanks. A fantastic outcome.”
Gillian Borrack of the Friends of Westgarthtown.

Thanks, I love the cover, it is more beautiful than I imagined.
Chris Edmonds, author of “Becoming Carla”

“The cover pages and spine including the blurb are all great, thank you for your efforts on the overall presentation.”
Regards, Tony May, author of “Rig Pigs”

“I would like to thank you once again for all that you have done with my book "The Pyjama Boy" Your professionalism, expertise and advice has been greatly appreciated.”

Luke I think you have done an absolutely wonderful job on the cover I am very moved and lost for words. Thank you doesnt seem enough to let you know how I feel. Thanks for a fantastic job. Steven Murphy, author of ‘The Pyjama Boy’

“Very impressed with your classy design. Keep up the good work.”
“I think the spine and back cover are great. I have looked at a few spines in the bookshops, and I think yours will really stand out.”
Charles Reither, author of ‘From Religion to Spirituality’

Dear Luke,
Your message has been duly received in colour. Wow! Like Harry Potter, you're a wizard! The cover is lovely! And the Galahs are striking and fetching. Surely they'll arouse someone's curiosity. Your little thumbnail sketches are also very perceptive and get to the nub of the matter. Can only say I'm thrilled to pieces! You are a talented imaginative and practical artistic soul.
Thank you, Luke!
Best wishes, May Mathews, author of “Strands of Meaning”

“Fabulous as usual.”
Kerry Collison, manager of Sid Harta Publishing

"it's a wrap" now it's in the hands of the Gods. Thanks Luke, you've been a star.
Lizi French, author of “Crab Pots, Warthogs, Kids and Magic Things”

“Thanks very much for your efforts, the book certainly has come out how we wanted it, and your creativity and professionalism have been evident throughout the process.”
Mark and Darren Hill, authors of “The Kevin Kevinson Story”

City of Whittlesea regarding the Arts Portfolio 2003-09-13
“Well done and thanks!”

“Dear Luke,
Thank you very much for your design flair, your hard work and your endurance. Happy Christmas and all the best in 2003”
Stonnington Library Team

“The brochure looks great. A job well done” 
Shane Law, GEOS Melbourne School of English

“Thanks for your hard work and patience. The book is beaut.” 
Janice Waters, author

“Very pleased with your cover – beautiful” 
Alison Rutherford, author

“Thanks for all your work on the brochure Luke – we’re really happy with it” 
Rebecca Redfern, Monash Short Courses Centre

“We absolutely love this one. Thanks for the great job.”
Kathy Procter, Monash Short Courses Centre

“Many thanks for everything. It has been a great pleasure to work with you.” 
Maryse Ledru, author of “Lifting the Mask”

“I am very pleased with the final product and appreciate all your hard work”
Jeanine Lloyd, author of “Love in the Family Court”

I love it!  You are a wonder. I feel too excited for words.
Marie Seltenrych, author

“Thanks for all of your great work” 
Chrissie MacDonald, author of ‘That’s Anarchy’

"You have encapsulated the essence of that period. I'm delighted with the font and layout of the body of the novel." 
Barry Abley, author of “Inkonkoni”

“I really appreciate all that you have undertaken on my behalf and the professionalism in which you conduct all dealings with your clients.”
Barry Abley, author of “Terra Meridional”

“Luke. Loved your cover for Envoy … beautifully evocative whilst complementing the other covers. Loved the placement of the ship and the NZ landscape. The sandhills came up superbly … strengthening the background actually drew attention to the depth of the painting. Great, many thanks.” 
Pauline Meaney, Louis Braille Audio

“It was wonderful to work with you on Serpent Rising.” 
Mary Garden, author of Serpent Rising

I’ve really appreciated the quality of your work and the friendly way in which you have done it – makes a sometimes stressful job much easier to deal with!
Jean Watson, Louis Braille Audio

I think you did an absolutely fabulous job with the agent’s manual – really happy with the results! I am sure that our agents will use it a lot!
Liz Lor, Director, GEOS Melbourne School of English

“They are so imaginative and beautiful and perfectly suited to the stories it seems. Much better than most of what you see on the bookshelves. Some people say they don't look at the cover, but I know I do.”
Annette Hansen, editor for Sid Harta Publishing

“Live Work and Play Canada has arrived from the printer and I must say it looks fantastic. Thank you for all the fantastic work you did.”
Sharyn McCullum, Live Work and Play Publishing

“What a fabulous cover!”
Kerry Collison, Sid Harta Publishing.

“Guy Coaldrake of Coaldrake's Bookshop commented that there aren't many covers that grab your attention instantly and that one does. Another feather in your cap!”
Jay McKee, Author

“I have forwarded your attachments to our network members and the overwhelming response has been fantastic! seeing everything in colour as it will  look....just great!”
Louise England, Statewide Library Consortium

“Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with my invites and your subsequent advice.”
Melissa Trent

“Thank you so much for the design. We are absolutely thrilled with what you have done with it. I can't begin to express how excited we are to see our book looking like - well - a real book!”
Susan Whelan and Meredith Flynn, Authors

“I love it. You've done a great job. Thankyou very much.”
Angela Caterson, author of “The Gems of Efalin”

Once again thank you so much for all the work you did and particularly for the patience you showed to me during your part of the process. It was all a foreign world to me and you took me through it without making me feel like I was a nuisance to you. Your suggestion, esp re photos/additions and finishing touches such as front cover, maps and section headers were invaluable in getting the book to a stage where I felt it took on the look of a real book rather than the manuscript I first gave you. 
Thank you for doing that for me and if I ever have another book I would certainly call you again. Not that I am even thinking of another book at this stage but I never say never!
Noela Steinfort, author of “We’ve Been There”

“Thanks for the five copies of the book. They look great”!
Kevin Vodden, author of “Frawd”