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Skeptics Guide to the Universe Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Most amateur podcasts are ... amateur. Long pauses, hesitant delivery, bad sound and worse material -- like community TV without the funding. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe is one of the few exceptions to this pattern.  Presented by Dr Steven Novella, a neurologist working at Yale University, Skeptics Guide targets the armies of con-artists, psychics, faith healers and creationists that prey so ceaselessly on the credulous. Dr Novella is ably backed up a by a team of four co-presenters. Their constant cross-talk and banter during the show is one of its strengths. Skeptics Guide does not confine itself to debunking cranks, but also interviews scientists, educators and fellow skeptics, giving the show a consistently positive and forward-looking tone. Unreason is everywhere, but this highly entertaining show celebrates the human capacity to sort out truth from untruth. The Skeptics also maintain the appropriately titled blog, Rogue's Gallery.