Absolutely Smashing

smashing1If you feel like being wiped out by a monster wave of digital resources, then surf over to Smashing Magazine. The look is clean and accessible, and the tone is upbeat and practical. The online magazine's motto is: "We smash you with the information that will make your life easier".  One of Smashing's signatures is the list: 70 best Photoshop Tutorials, 50 Brilliant Photos, 40 Free Fonts and so on. Compiling such lists is easy enough, but the lists at Smashing generally live up to the hyperbole. The resources listed are good quality and worth exploring. Beware the addictive side of resource hunting: one list inevitably leads to another, and one lifetime is probably not enough to fully exploit your ever-growing personal list of finds.

Like all good Web 2.0 sites, Smashing Magazine encourages user feedback and participation. Many users go on to contribute articles to the site, and guidelines for doing so are prominently displayed. Most of the material is oriented towards web designers, but there is plenty of useful stuff for print designers and those in need of resources for a non-work project.