Gmail one year on

After being tethered by habit for many years to the clunky mail client Outlook, moving my email to the cloud has proved a one way trip. Gmail positives abound:

  • Most of my older emails from Outlook were successfully imported
  • All emails sent and received have been retained
  • tagging of emails is very simple
  • the search function is very fast
  • service has been constant, with no noticeable downtime
  • threads make it extremely easy to see what has been said and done by whom and in what order
  • I can access and modify all data remotely using an iphone app
  • Project and contact managers can be integrated into the gmail interface, and leverage my data
  • Group emails are easy and Google's contact manager integrates seamlessly

There's plenty more, but this gives a good taste. I'll keep looking for something even better, but for the moment the paid version of gmail represents extremely good value for money.