New Cloud Better than the Old Cloud?

Apple has finally moved into the Cloud in a big way, erasing memories of the half-baked MobileMe implementation (so bad that even Jobs was ashamed of it). If you are a natural born Mac user and only put up with Google apps because there weren't any viable cloud alternatives, here's your chance to switch back. Learn how to move your data from Google Apps to iCloud in this useful Lifehacker article.

More File Sharing Madness

File sharing/transfer services are thick on the vine at present. A recent contender (still in beta) is GE.TT. Just click one button, tell it where your files are and who you want to receive them, and it is off and running. Cleverly, the service allows the receiver to begin downloading the file even before it is done sending it from your machine -- potentially a big time saver when sending large files. Of course, DropBox does essentially the same thing, but GE.TT doesn't require you to set aside a designated folder on the sending and receiving ends.

Infinite Storage

Internet startups come and go with dreamlike rapidity. A recent instance that seems to be gaining a bit of traction is It offers the startling promise of infinite storage space, somehow seamlessly melding your hard disk with the cloud. One suspects that this seamlessness might stumble against the roadblock of slow adsl connections, but perhaps it will have wings in lands with better broadband. If you sign up for the beta, you will be advised that tweeting or posting about your discovery will hasten your journey towards actually receiving an invite.