Crimes Against Designers

Designers like to grumble about occasionally unreasonable clients, but this collection of classic client comments was collated for a good cause (fund raising for an Irish children's hospital). The comments are all real, with "I have printed it out, but the animated gif is not working", "can you turn it around in Photoshop so we can see more of the front" or "I'm the target market and I don't like it" revealing a certain gulf opening up between client and creative.


Book Marketing Goes Vertical

Leo Shatzkin weighs in with some interesting thoughts on the road ahead for book marketing. He believes books (and he sees a largely digital future) will be marketed vertically — that is, by audience segment. Publishers will use the Internet and social media to discover and understand common audiences and then create and market titles tailored for those audiences. They would no longer promote books one big title at a time, and older 'dormant' books might be revived if marketers manage to connect them to their appropriate community/market. If books are to be largely digital, then shelf-life is no longer a deciding factor for the long-term success of a book.