Self-Publishing Author hints: Part 5

Penny Becchio, author of Now Tell Me This passes on the following practical hints:
  • Have a web site to refer readers to and provide an email address for feedback.
  • Make up an electronic signature with a link to your web site and make sure you include it at the bottom of every email you send out.
  • Know who your target market is and devise a marketing plan to capture that market.  My book is Australian Historical fiction (1938-1942) so the target market is generally the reader 50 and over.  These readers identify with the period in which the book is set and it evokes memories.  They will buy a copy for their parents but will read it themselves as well.
  • A mail-out to libraries will produce orders.
  • Approach book stores to do book signings.  Always produce some A5 flyers to advertise the event before hand and to give to people who show interest but don’t purchase at that time.  They will come back later.
  • Write a short sentence describing your book and memorise this.  It is helpful if you can confidently explain the book, when asked.
  • If you are comfortable with public speaking, write to Lions, Rotary, Probus and any other groups that might be interested in hearing about your book.  You will sell copies at these events.
  • Issue press releases to local papers (with a photo) for every event you attend.
  • Invest in an advertising banner for any ‘in-person’ event.  You need to stand out in the crowd.