Rebel Mouse Makes Social Easy


If you're a presence on / contributor to various social networking services, (and not just to keep up with your friends), Rebel Mouse offers an easy and very powerful way of aggregating your voice into one location. Our effort took only a few minutes to set up and could be an effective communication tool with clients and potential business contacts. Designed by one of the principal architects of the Huffington Post, Rebel Mouse is getting some serious startup funding and adding feeds and features at some pace.

Squarespace 6

We have recently upgraded our website from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 6. Experiencing the usual simplicity of concept and excellence of execution, plus genuinely responsive service. We heartily recommend this excellent service to anyone who wants to roll their own website without having to get their hands dirty with code. 

Entry Level Blogging

Many self-published authors (and other clients) have asked us for advice in setting up a website, We usually advise them to set up a blog instead of a static website. Most blogging solutions are free, they are designed to be extremely easy to use, and they invite the owner to keep posting new information, keeping things fresh and interesting for potential readers.
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