Gaming Amazon Reviews

Self-interest and ingenuity combine to game almost any system, and Amazon's book review system is no different. Services exist to supply authors with paid reviews and hopefully bump them to a more visible position with Amazon's search algorithms. Amazon officially bans the practice, but it is difficult to see how such a ban could be effectively policed. On a more ad hoc basis, individual authors have been accused of ginning up support from family and friends and planting huge numbers of non-authentic reviews.

hat tip: Rhys Tate.


Rebel Mouse Makes Social Easy


If you're a presence on / contributor to various social networking services, (and not just to keep up with your friends), Rebel Mouse offers an easy and very powerful way of aggregating your voice into one location. Our effort took only a few minutes to set up and could be an effective communication tool with clients and potential business contacts. Designed by one of the principal architects of the Huffington Post, Rebel Mouse is getting some serious startup funding and adding feeds and features at some pace.

Promote for Your Life


Alison Taafe is an accomplished chef and educator, but also possesses a key additional skill — promotional savvy. When she finishes work on one of her cookbooks, she then devotes just as much energy to making the public aware of it. She makes media appearances, gives demonstrations, interviews and keeps her website up to date and interesting. Aspiring authors would do well to make a study of her methods. Her latest book just sold out its first run.